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Application form

Unified application form for the non-refundable support to applications promoted by XPERTSTUDIO Kft
In the interest of successfully completing the present application form please read the competition’s prospectus!

You can read the present competition invitation in detail here!
Those who would like to send their applications in a traditional WORD (.doc, .docx) format, please download the unified application form, and once you complete it, send it to this email:

We will inform every one of our competition announcements and decisions via email.
Join Hungary’s new innovative applications community!

If you would like to be informed at first hand, about are competition announcements please enter your email address!

Applications can be submitted by any organization, company, association, institution, government, self-employee, of an individual.

Application deadline: 2016 | per month
Please send your applications as quickly as possible based on the description!
I WOULD LIKE TO APPLY and complete the application FORM!

You can apply for DEVICE support in our present competition.

We are convinced that for the average person, most competitions are either too complicated (and need the involvement of an external expert) or the competition’s conditions come with serious financial implications not to mention the company’s obligations.

We think that all ideas must be appreciated; therefore the award winnings are not based on luck, although we see a great need to support innovative solutions or viable ideas.

Xpertstudio Kft will ship your devices for free.

We insure equipments with a warranty, for the device competition. The shipping and installation fees (bills) will be paid by Xpertstudio Kft, instead of the applicants.

The APPLICATIONS as stated in the announcement are completely free, the processing fee, only has to be transferred to our bank account (as stated in the conditions above) after the application has been sent.

Information about the Devices that are open to application can be found here.

The application can only be submitted online! You will find more information in the Competition conditions menu!

Participation in the competition is possible after you have paid the 19 EURO processing fee.

In the remarks section at the bank transfer please write the email address of the applicant that was used at registration on the website.

Bank account for the transfer
or Paypal account:

Participation in the competition is possible after you have paid



The application can be submitted on the EUTENDER website, .

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